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25 September 2014 @ 05:57 pm
i figured i would mention here, despite my failure to ever use LJ, that i posted this little thing on my tumblr because i am working on a tiny little sequel to here's the pencil, make it work. that is not a fic i ever imagined i would write anything more for, i don't think it really needs it, but if you know me personally you know that writing and posting that fic had an unexpectedly huge impact on my life...and then i entered a big creative writing drought. (among a bunch of other overwhelming life milestones, Bad Events, etc.) i think it's only appropriate at this point to revisit those exact characters, and where they were, to look back on the past almost 2 years and also warm up for the next Real Actual New Fic i am working on (which i am, i really am!). the here's the pencil "sequel" won't really be another big huge fic, just...something in the same universe, really.

i am also working full time now! with kids! which i find very fulfilling but also exhausting! so i have no real knowledge of a time frame, but i have not given up on writing fanfic and have Stuff in the works!
02 July 2013 @ 07:14 pm
i never use this journal - in fact, i never even posted here's the pencil here, which is why most people have friended me (is that even the LJ terminology), but i find AO3 a much better place to post fic and LJ in general wigs me out - but a piercing comfort is very worth a rec everywhere people interested in h/d are going to see it.

several Important reasons why (potential mild spoilers??):

  • HARRY !!! it is possible i have never seen better insight into harry's post-war mind and just. harry in general – his insecurities and hang-ups and motivations. this is the most careful, respectful, and real way i've seen his potential post-war depression treated; it is not, imo, under or overstated, and i found myself very intensely relating to some parts of this fic. there are so many poignant lines after which i covered my face emotionally over the accuracy, both wrt the shit he's dealing with and wrt how harry it felt.

  • the way the h/d relationship builds and the way they play off each other, especially the way draco's honesty is so important to harry – "you know i'm a person." their relationship is slow and imperfect and quietly intense (the best way for h/d to be) and filled with miscommunications and the writer just understands why harry and draco are good for each other and how they help each other and make each other better – and also the importance of harry not needing draco, but wanting him, and what that means for harry personally and the growth that he experiences throughout the fic.

  • a wonderful perfect laidback insightful supportive luna, who affects the people around her exactly how i imagine she would; her relationships with harry, draco, and dean in this are all perfectly executed. i think luna is misunderstood and underestimated a lot, and this portrayal of her is excellent - plus i'm so glad to see dean/luna.

  • all the relationships in this fic feel very real and tender and layered and. human. the exploration of each of harry's relationships – with luna and dean, with ron and hermione, with ginny, with, of course, draco – is obviously very well thought out and imo incredibly accurate.

  • i also feel this way about each character individually and the paths they've followed, their careers, their relationships, whether or not they have children, etc. it all makes perfect sense to me in a way fanfic often doesn't – there's always something that doesn't add up for me in fanfic, but this is, honestly, my ideal post-war world.

  • a good ginny, treated with respect on her own and wrt her relationship with harry. a well dealt with h/g relationship.

  • the discussion of tattoos and the relationship to tattoos that each character has is on point! i love the tattoos.

  • i love the concept of the fic in general? i love the discussion of therapy in the magical world, i love the tea/potion, and i love draco as a therapist, especially having gone into business with luna.

  • i can't stress enough that it's clear that an incredible amount of thought and care has gone into this story/universe – that this writer cares about and respects these characters!! it shines through beautifully and makes this fic such a wonderful experience and you are absolutely missing out if you don't give this fic a try. if you read one thing from smoochfest, i implore you to make it this one.

  • and BONUS – there is totally gorgeous art by another very talented person (my favorite h/d artist for a variety of reasons, it's really pretty obvious who drew this art, i don't think i have to be too incredibly secretive).

read the fic. do the thing. i do not think you will regret it. 
Dumping my smoochfest fic here because I never did!

Title: It Was We Who Were the Cliché (But We Carried On Anyway)
Author ignatiustrout
Pairing(s): Harry/Draco featuring Ginny/Pansy, Ron/Hermione, Dean/Luna, and Neville/Ernie Macmillan
Rating: R
Word Count: 31,000
Warning(s): A blow job, a few brief mentions of a past suicide.
Summary: When the reconciled Black sisters go on holiday together, Andromeda entrusts Draco, rather than Harry, with five year old Teddy Lupin for three weeks. Harry is convinced she made the wrong choice, and he decides the way to fix this is simply to keep turning up at the manor and refusing to leave Draco alone.
Disclaimer: All Harry Potter characters herein are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No copyright infringement is intended.

It is Sunday morning, and Teddy Lupin, only two months or so into his fifth year of age and currently sporting Snitch-covered pajamas and brilliant turquoise hair, is sitting at the kitchen table at 12 Grimmauld Place.
19 December 2011 @ 11:00 pm
Let's see if I actually use it.

More likely, I'll be spending my time on tumblr.